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I’m testing out blogger, thinking about using it at my new job. I’m working at Strategy Computers, a training company that does the usual cross-selling and promotion but excels in the training, having been around here for 18 years. We provide mostly certification training but do everything from teaching people how to type through corporate training on Exchange and the likes. Lots of A+, Network+, CCNA, MCSE training though, as well as the programming tracks like MCSD, custom software testing and game testing programs (popular, being around Nintendo and all that). So I’m really busy lately. Maria and I are settled in Seattle, on Capitol Hill. We went to Chop Suey a couple nights ago with friends, which was fun although the lineup got ignored. It’s only a block away, because we’re in such a crazy neighborhood. Plus there’s places like Globe and Teapot right around the corner which are really, really good, although we cook at least 90% of our own food lately. I’ll try to communicate regularly, but like I said, busy…

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