Mini PCI in the TPs

So. It never crossed my mind that the winmodems in the 570 and 600X were in MiniPCI slots. Thanks to Matt for pointing this out, and selling me some hardware at 12:30am via wireless out in the shadows. That has got to be the coolest sale ever, even if it was totally legit.

CM9 in TP600XSo the ThinkPad 600X has a CM9 in it with an N-type hanging out the side. It seems to work, even though I can’t get my own access point at the moment. Although I can hit someone elses. I’ve got two wireless cards in (didn’t think I’d ever do this) and it’s the same with the orinoco so something must be randomly wrong with the wrt54g. surprise.

I’ve got all this done on the fly to go do some testing first thing at a clients in the morning, so I really should sleep. It didn’t take too long as the minipci on the 600x is accessible through a panel on the bottom. I managed to push the wire out through the side by ripping a little piece of plasic out. now if I can make some mount right where the N connector sits so it won’t rip apart the pigtail, i’ll be all set.

Columbia Tower Club Bathroom Check out this photo too, from the columba tower. I haven’t got a chance to post it, but it reads: “Notice to the gentlemen: We appreciate your interest in the ladies room; however, please respect the privacy of our female guests. Should you wish a tour, contact a Club employee.” Yeah…

The soekris is still running strong and I haven’t had time to play with the queues again. Later this week for sure. For now, rest.

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