Recovering Exchange 2003 from Offline Backup

Recovering Exchange 2003 from Offline Backup without a Recovery Storage Group

1) Dismount the store.
2) Replace the .edb and .stm files for priv and pub with the copies from backup.
3) Mark the “let the store be recoverable” check box in the store properties.
4) Mount the store.

Who needs recovery storage groups anyways?

3 thoughts on “Recovering Exchange 2003 from Offline Backup

  1. maddocks

    integrate my calander, task list, and email with rules and public folders with permissions all manageable from the client by the user.

    uh hum Koffice and KDE does that and more. uh hum. PS Gentoo sucks. I’m still using it but it sucks.

    Knowlegde Base

  2. btm

    i don’t suppose you’ve used kcontact with a groupware server before? set it up at buckys and made everyone do their scheduling in it and let me know how it works. There haven’t been any annoucements in almost a year on the projects page.

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