FAST not so fast.

My life is full of troubleshooting windows problems. Day and night. There’s no end. Anybody know how to make the address book template for word’s letter and envelope wizard match that in a normal word document (that you can modify in the default template)? Anyways…

I recently used the File And Settings Transfer Wizard (FAST) to copy a profile from one XP computer to another. After I started up the new machine, and ran FAST again to restore, it said that the files were created using another version of FAST. And it dies. How useful… especially if you dumped the old data for some reason. I took a screen shot but forgot it at the customer site. Anyways, it all had to do with this update (kb 307869) that gets sent down that fixes a few FAST bugs but lacks backwards compatibility. I got around this by going into the windows folder and showing hidden files (tools / options). You’ll see an folder for each hotfix. Find the one for KB307869, go into the folder and run the spuninst.exe program to remove the hotfix. Rerun FAST. Reinstall the update.

What a pain. In other news, I’m settled in my new house. Been camping a couple weekends and working a lot during the week, so I haven’t had much time off otherwise, thus nobody really seeing me. We’ll see if things calm down as a couple people at work come back from vacation.

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