TowTruck and Rain

Unfortunately it’s going to rain tomorrow. I love the national weather service, particularly the forecast discussions. While normal weather sites normally say that it’s going to rain every day of the week in Seattle, the NWS is willing to take a good eduguesstimate at when it will actually rain. And they’ve got a nice way of putting things that doesn’t feel like it came out of a Made for TV can; i.e. “TRYING TO TIME INDIVIDUAL FEATURES FRIDAY AND SATURDAY LOOKS FUTILE. THE BOTTOM LINE IS IT WILL BE WET.”

In the end, its too bad it’s going to rain. The city put a giant sticker on my windshield that says, basically, I don’t drive my truck enough and using my motorcycle to save the environment is bad. Well, I knew they thought that, based on the lack of motorcycle parking in the city. But seriously for a moment, I have this half irremovable sticker that says I haven’t driven my truck enough and it’s in violation of the 72-hour rule. It’s dated yesterday at 11am. I seem to recall that I drove my truck all over the town sunday night. I guess they missed that part. Anyways, I printed out some big signs to put on the dash in case they can’t count again, but it also looks like it’s going to rain for the next few days. Lacking a rainproof motorcycle suit, looks like I’ll be trucking it for a few days.

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