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OCS Inventory is an open-source system inventory package that comes with agents for both linux machines and windows. I don’t have a significant inventory at my new job, and certainly didn’t want to go around with a pad of paper collecting information, so I’ve installed this on a debian VM (my first install of debian ever, btw).

There wasn’t a deb for it as far as I could find, so I compiled the source by hand. To meet dependencies I had tagged the box as a web server during the initial network install. You can find a list of packages to install here and here. I used the later list, a few of the packages were already installed but apt played nice.

Once installed, I put the windows agent on my workstation, but nothing really happened. I ran “Ocsinventory.exe /NP /server:servername /DEBUG” from the command prompt (/NP means don’t use the IE proxy) which creates a couple .log files. in my hostname.log I was getting a “ERROR: Http error: 500”. I checked the Apache2 error.log and found “… Column ‘NAME’ cannot be null at …” A little searching revealed a db design problem which required running the sql statement “ALTER TABLE softwares CHANGE NAME NAME VARCHAR(255) default NULL; ” to resolve. I could tell from the error how to fix it, but I didn’t realize it wasn’t a problem with my configuration. I guess it’s a common problem. As soon as I did this, things started working and my workstation showed up in the web interface, windows xp key and all.

This is certainly going to help inventory. Why create a table of computers and IP addresses manually when it can all be pushed into here? The software license benefits aside, this is going to save a lot of time.

After I deploy the agent on a few more workstations and test out the linux agent, I’ll start taking a look at installing GLPI and see what exact benefits I can get from teaming these two pieces of software.

2 thoughts on “OCS Inventory

  1. aka_vavo

    did you install ocs on a linux operated machine? I encountered the same troubles and your post helped me a lot. Now I can upload the informations into ocs despite the error but I don’t get the entire description. I’m not good with sql databases and my server is on a windows operated machine. Any ideas? Did you get to find more solutions? Thanks

  2. btm

    I did install on linux, debian sarge to be specific with a mysql backend.

    I’m not sure what field you’re referring to that’s not working, perhaps if you could be more specific.

    I just checked though and it looks like my web interface isn’t working at the moment. Must have been the php upgrade when I installed Mediawiki.

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