forwarding email with microsoft exchange contacts

Also known as, where is /etc/aliases in exchange and why again is point and click “easier”…

I’ve seen a ton of howto’s on how to do this, and I wouldn’t say anything about this if they weren’t all so damn round about or not to the point.

This article has you creating a contact with the external email address, then using another user account to forward mail to that contact. The mentioned exchange 2000 and not exchange 2003, and I don’t want a user account kicking around as well, I just want an internal email address to forward to an external one.

Microsoft recommends something similar in kb 281926.

But for the sake of our sanity, let’s try something simpler.
1) In ADUC with ESM, right click, new, contact
2) Enter the names, next
3) set alias to the internal name. click modify, choose smtp, type the external address. next.
4) finish.
5) right click the contact. properties.
6) Exchange Advanced tab, click “hide from exchange address lists”
7) email address tab. the external address should be bold (primary) check that you have an email alias for all the domains you want (if your ad domain is not your email domain, add another smtp address)
8) done.

3 thoughts on “forwarding email with microsoft exchange contacts

  1. Flipper

    OK, I’ve been wanting to have an email address without using up an AD CAL. once these instructions are followed… how do you etrieve the email that is asigned to the “Contact”?

    signed, “I must be missing something”

  2. btm

    Contact based forwarding doesn’t give you another user, it gives you an email forwarding. The email gets sent to the address in the email field. So of course you access that however you normally would as if the email was sent directly.

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