Sharepoint (SPS) 2.0 and Quick Launch

When I started my new job there was much talk about Sharepoint and I figured, “well, a marketable skill”. Actually, working with Sharepoint has been more like being the guy that has to pump the portable bathrooms at outdoor venues.

The main quicklaunch toolbar has needed updating for sometime. If you open a Document Library and choose “Modify settings and columns” on the left theres an option to display the library on the Quick Launch bar. I couldn’t find this setting for the new sites however. There’s a lot of talk on the net about replacing the toolbar. Because, well, it sucks. There’s also a lot of talk about “Look and Feel” which appears to be an SPS 3.0 option.

The shortest path to getting this updated and getting on with my life turned out to be opening Frontpage. Pointing it at the sharepoint site from File->Open. Clicking in an existing row on the quick launch bar and inserting a couple rows, then adding links to the new sites. Then save it and you’re done. I’m assuming this is WebDav and it all worked because I authenticated behind the scenes with my domain credentials. I really don’t want to know, I’m glad it’s working and I can get back to work. Annoyingly, I spent more time looking for the option to add sites to the quick launch bar over the last few months than it took me to actually do the work.

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