why juniper networks sells a bunch of shit.

So I have an NS50, and in the process of going through and trying to convert the VIP (pat) on the mail server to a MIP (nat) I’ve found a bug in the web interface that breaks the web interface when I remove a port mapping from this VIP address. Unfortunately I need to remove the port mappings before I can remove the address as a VIP, and I can’t add the address as a MIP until it’s no longer a VIP.

Anyways. I try to find a patch on the vendor site, but I need an account. I find an old account, but the warranty has expired and we don’t have support. So I get a hold of Juniper and I’m told that to get the problem resolved, I’ll need to upgrade, and to upgrade I need support. But not just support, I have to buy support for every year between I bought the thing and now when I didn’t have support, as well as a possible 25% penalty. I’ve emailed my reseller to get a quote on this, but let’s just say I’m not a huge fan of this shit right now.

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