Tired of all the cool kids and their macbooks?

Seattle’s hip. Every time I go into a cafe, it’s full of hip kids with hip laptops. What laptops are hip? Mac’s of course. Take Reload Bags for example… badass messenger bags, custom made in a little shop here in Seattle. When ordering laptop bags, be sure to specify which Mac you have, or be prepared to provide exact dimensions. I realize you can’t know the dimension of every laptop (with a little work, I bet you could compile a list of a lot of them though), but I’m trying to show a trend here. Cool kids, with cool bags, cool bikes, and cool coffee, have cool macs.

Not that macs are horrible or anything, but when counterculture becomes the culture, you’ve got to stand back and fight it! How? By accessorising your un-hip laptop with one of these stickers.

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