Xerox Workcentre Pro: Job must have at least one To: recipient

After an upgrade to Exchange 2007 SP1 from 2007 RTM, the Xerox WorkCentre Pro stopped sending email scans. I originally thought it was an LDAP problem, because I had seen an LDAP error the night before and WireShark on the DC was showing the bind request but no other traffic. I finally resolved the Chimney problem with winpcap, but in the interim just used a port mirror on the catalyst.

Attempts to Email Scan on the WorkCentre Pro were throwing out an error page that said ‘Job Status: FAILED Job must have at least one “To:” recipient.’ Under the ‘Message Settings:’ header it listed From: with a valid address but the To: line was empty. Getting wireshark going showed that it was a 5.7.1 SMTP error and the Xerox just wasn’t communicating as much. Whitelisting the IP for the Xerox on the SMTP server resolved the problem.

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  1. phillytim

    Thank you so much for posting your problem resolution up to share with us. I have searched high & low for a solution affecting a business that I operate, Xerox has nothing on their site related to this!

  2. MimiJP

    I just purchased a Workcenter 5050. We can email on the domain but for anyone outside our domain I cannot. We have Exchange 2007 and a Cisco Catalyst router. How do I whitelist the IP. I am pretty green and any detailed help would be greatly appreciated.

  3. btm

    If you’re sending the the Exchange 2007 “edge transport” role, that is the special new Exchange machine that isn’t joined to the domain, accepts SMTP traffic and then forwards it to the full exchange server, you’ll want to:

    Open the Exchange Management Console
    Choose Edge Transport on the left
    Choose the anti-spam tab in the middle (should be default)
    Double click ‘IP Allow List’
    Click ‘Allowed Addresses’ tab
    Click Add
    Type in the Address in CIDR format, that is if the address of the Xerox is type in ‘’

  4. Larry

    I’ve got a Xerox Workcentre 7655 – getting the same Job Status: FAILED Job must have at least one “To:” recipient. We are using a Host Exchange Service. Is this something that they will need to do for use?

  5. btm Post author

    @Larry, whatever your SMTP Host is needs to allow mail relay from the IP address of your copier. This probably means they need to allow mail relay from your public IP address because your copier is almost certainly behind a firewall with NAT. This address may or may not be static, and it needs to be. You’ll need to ask your ISP that question.

  6. Sandy Lee

    Had the same problem with our WorkCentre copiers. We’re using Exchange Server 2007. We just implemented the Anti-Spam filters on our Exchange Server. In Organization Configuration, go to Hub Transport. We didn’t have Edge Transport available. Within Hub Transport, go to Content Filtering. In the Action tab, set the “Reject messages that have a SCL rating greater than or equal to” to 9. Ours was previously set at 7 which was blocking the mail scans from our WorkCentres.

    Thanks so much!

  7. Jim

    We had a similar problem with a Workcentre 5687. Tried literally everything listed above and on other forums. The culprit ended up being the “reply to:” address, which has to be set on the copier itself since there isn’t a way to edit it on the web interface. To add your “reply to:” address on the copier, go to the email-to-scan section.. click on the “from:” email address.. then click on “reply to:” and enter the same address the machine is using to send mail.

  8. GarrettC

    Saw this one today – was working with the Xerox tech who came to set up the scanner – he had no idea what to do. We are the IT consultants that worked for the company, and the SMTP relay had been configured a few days ago while we awaited the copier. Unfortunately, they called us and it wasn’t working. After about 15 minutes I finally got the exact error message out of the onsite copier-tech and googled it. Where do you think it brought me?

    We didn’t have Edge Transport configured on the server, but we did have Hub Transport. Went in there, whitelisted the IP, and it took right off.

    Thanks for alleviating my stressful day. Where’s the PayPal donate button!?

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