SCEP is not an enrollment proxy.

It’s taken me a couple weeks of staring at books and screens to figure this out. Please let me know if you think I’m bullshitting you.

Cisco Systems’ Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol(SCEP) is for providing a protocol for Cisco’s routers, vpn concentrators (vpn 3000), access points (1130AG) and firewalls (asa 5500) to get the root certificate and get it’s own certificate “in band”. The “In band” means it does this over the network rather than you having to paste a BER x.509 certificate or some other “out of band” method.

It does not, as I was thinking for some reason, allow the client to obtain it’s own certificate from the CA by way of the device.

SCEP really isn’t needed for EAP, as the certificates are passed to the RADIUS server (IAS) which then does the required work (comparisons, validation, etc). PEAP (Protected EAP) supports using both certificates (and smart cards) and ‘secured’ passwords for authentication.

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