synergy pseudo-kvm

I’d heard about synergy in the past but never tried it. It lets you share one keyboard and mouse over multiple desktops. Double-coolness because it should work both on windows and linux boxes. I’ve got two XP boxes on my desk, I used to only run one dual-head and run another box for gaming and a server. I finally got around to making them both dual-head tonight on flat panels as I’ve replaced the server with some consumer NAS gear that’s much quiter.

Worst part of synergy was figuring out how to config it. Keep in mind you need a link for both directions, that is, one to go from every computer to every other computer and back. I left the percentages alone. “Screens” are the host names of the computers (having multiple monitors is still one screen), which you can adjust from the defaults if you wish before you hit start under advanced.

Slick as snot though, I can move the mouse across all four monitors (two XP boxes) and use the keyboard on both.

Of course you can’t move windows between the boxes but the clipboard seems to work, which totally solves my problem of having an IM or IRC on a different box than I’m browsing the web on.

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