installing from a signed debian repository day 2

problem #1: the “d-i mirror/*” options don’t support pushing a different key. /usr/share/keyrings/archive.gpg is hardcoded into net-retriver. This can be worked around by modifying the initrd like I did here. This is as of etch / net-retriever 1.15. However, rebuilding the initrd with your keyring only works up until base-installer. I opened bug #467049.

problem #2: base-installer does an mkinitrd near the end chrooted inside /target. This is before apt-setup runs and pulls down “d-i apt-setup/local0/key” do the apt-install that runs get dependencies for mkinitrd fails.

[09:40am|otavio> btm: you can do that putting a file on /target even before base-installer. (but after partitioning)
[09:40am|otavio> btm: /target/etc/apt/apt.conf.d
[09:40am|otavio> btm: it’s ugly but works
[09:49am|otavio> btm: yes, there’s … this requires you to provide a signed repository and a key
[09:50am|otavio> btm: but in a way that it integrates
[09:50am|otavio> btm: i’ve done, long time ago, a patch to base-installer to allow it to, using preseed, install a package with base
[09:51am|otavio> btm: so it could be used for thta case where you _do have_ a package with the key

This is too much work right now. My repo is local, so I’m going to go back to running allow_unauthenticated and trust my network. This explains why all the preseed examples on the internet while warning that allow_unauthenticated is insecure, don’t have an example of the correct solution.

Note that after the reboot you need to do an ‘apt-get update’ to get the Release files and signatures for the local repository before apt-get will stop complaining about the unauthenticated-ness of the packages. Bug #467063.

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