Support Contracts

I hate support contracts. Google is always faster than working your way up to technical people. Generally I’ve liked Cisco support, because I can open a TAC case online, and they’re super responsive.

I’ve dis-liked Dell support in the past because when you end up with desktops and laptops on different levels of support, you have to call different places depending on the support level. I want to have a single number, punch in the service tag and have it auto-direct me.

I like Dell’s web-support, but often you put in a Service Tag on enterprise equipment, get someone, and then they tell you it’s too enterprise and they can’t help you so you have to call.

10:37am – Place web support chat on MD3000i Array, non-critical failure.
10:39am – Told they can’t help me
10:40am – Call phone support, operator transfer me based on service tag.
10:45am – Support technician transfer me again, says autodialer or something is inefficient.
10:55am – Work with technician on the phone.
11:10pm – Email support log to technician
11:30pm – Rounding off, I get off the phone, technician is going to send me a new controller.
12:30pm – New controller arrives via “UPS SonicAir” by taxi. Holy Crap.

Alright… That’ll do pig.

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