dimdim on debian etch

update2: I couldn’t get it working right on centos either, although I spent less time on it. I did verify that the OSS edition of dimdim is crippled. Do not use dimdim.

update:this install managed to get the conference server going, possibly the streaming server, but not the media server. there’s good information in it though.

‘Opensource’. Heh. I think a decent community makes things much more open source than a license does, but semantics…

-worst build system ever- What’s the point of packaging tar, sed, python with your distribution? a) you’re using rpms and don’t know better b) you only want to ride the OSS wave, but you don’t actually want to be part of the OSS community?

We’ll install a ton of shit via apt rather than touch those dirty dirty rpms that come with the offline installer.

download the fancy “centos” offline installer.

unzip *zip
chmod 755 *run
mkdir dimdim
./*run --tar -xvf -Cdimdim
# install lots of crap. who knows?
apt-get install sun-java5-jre openoffice.org libaio1
cd /usr/local ; tar -xvzf ~/dimdim/dimdimrepository/dimdim.tar.gz

Make sure nothing is running on port 80 (netstat -lnp), stop it if it is.

Go to /user/local/dimdim
Read Linux_Readme_1.5.0.txt

vi server.xml, replace DIMDIM_PORT_NUMBER with 80, edit the servernames at the top
vi wrapper.conf, replace wrapper.java.command= with /etc/alternativa/java
# the above is a link into the above installed jvm by way of the alternatives system
./dimdim start ; tail -f wrapper.log

Seems to.. do something?

edit?: ConferenceServer/apache-tomcat-5.5.17/webapps/dimdim/WEB-INF/classes/resources/streaming.properties

The Conference Server appears to be in ConferenceServer/, and is the main web interface that you want running on port 80. the dimdim.properties and server.xml in /usr/local/dimdim are the most important files. ./dimdim start will start it, then you can watch wrapper.log

The Streaming Server is in StreamingServerCluster/server1. There’s Information about duplicating it in Linux_Readme_1.5.0.txt. StreamingServerCluster/server1/conf/red5.properties contains it’s port configurations, this is what runs on 1935/30001. I don’t really know what the http.port is supposed to point to.

The Media Server… Who knows? I think this is what dimdim.dmsServerAddress in dimdim.properties is supposed to point to. Before I set this, I could connect to dimdim but portions didn’t work. After I set this, the site would lock up just after the browser checks and future attempts to log in reported that the server was full of meetings or something like that.

1 thought on “dimdim on debian etch

  1. dumdum

    Dimdim definitely wants to make the appearance of being an open source company, but they don’t want to give anything back. I have been working with linux since 1992 and the install process for dimdim is in some ways worse then when you had to manually track down your dependencies.

    They obviously don’t want the open source version to work, so the solution is not to refuse to use it. It is for a group to step up and de obfuscate it, and drive forward they way dimdim is, but with much improved public image.

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