FHS Compliance for NFS mounts

Where should one mount shared NFS data?

FHS 2.3 has no advice. All the NFS talk is about how you might NFS mount /usr and the likes.

Options: /opt, /mnt, /srv. mnt is the old school way, but FHS uses the key word ‘temporary’ which makes sense these days, even though we’ve started using /media for most things temporary. opt? I stay away from opt since I touched oracle.

/srv : Data for services provided by this system
Sounds good to me. nfs mounts will go in /srv, since it’s all data for services provided by this system.

1 thought on “FHS Compliance for NFS mounts

  1. Wirelessben

    I agree, and lets keep the nfs root as /srv/nfs/, instead of /srv/nfsroot. We mean “root” when we write “/”, so /srv/nfs/ should mean the root nfs directory.

    So, for a multiple distribution boot server, you would have

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