mssql 2005 cluster on md3000i san, disk unknown / unreadable

I built a sql server with three disks on an md3000i, Q: S: L:, quorum, SQL (data) and Logs. First I setup the iSCSI, then setup the cluster. You can’t convert SQL 2005 from standalone to clustered, so you need to install the cluster first, then choose the sub checkbox when install SQL that it will be a cluster.

After it was all online, I spent a lot of time trying to get the second server to see the disks. They were showing up in Computer Management as “unknown / unreadable”. I couldn’t add this node to the cluster because it couldn’t see the quorum drive. I as able to add the second node to the cluster by running cluster administrator from the first node, where apparently it couldn’t figure out that the second node couldn’t see the quorum disk on the iSCSI SAN. Eventually I figured out to shut down the first server, and the quorum disk popped up on the second server.

I’m installing SQL on the second node now, which failed with this:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\LOG\Files\SQLSetup0001_DB-04_Core(Local).log

Warning: Disk resource Disk S: is not Online
Please bring it Online if it is needed
Warning: Disk resource Disk L: is not Online
Please bring it Online if it is needed
Error: Action “InvokeSqlSetupDllAction” threw an exception during execution.  Error information reported during run:
Source File Name: datastore\cachedpropertycollection.cpp
Compiler Timestamp: Fri Jul 29 01:13:49 2005
Function Name: CachedPropertyCollection::findProperty
Source Line Number: 130
Failed to find property “ComputerList” {“SqlComputers”, “”, “”} in cache
Source File Name: datastore\clusterinfocollector.cpp
Compiler Timestamp: Fri Sep 16 13:20:12 2005
Function Name: ClusterInfoCollector::collectClusterVSInfo
Source Line Number: 883
Failed to detect VS info due to datastore exception.
Source File Name: datastore\clustergroupsproperties.cpp
Compiler Timestamp: Fri Jul 29 01:13:49 2005
Function Name: ClusterGroupScope.SharedDisks
Source Line Number: 56
Failed to find a cluster group that owned shared disk: S:

I shut down cluster service on that node to force the other node to take over the cluster, then started cluster services again.

Running the installer again didn’t fail the second time.

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