Configuring IPMI/BMC on a Dell SC1425

There’s two places to configure things. First, go into BIOS Setup (F2), Integrated periphials and set ‘Serial Port’ to ‘BMC Nic’. Then go into the configuration for the BMC by hitting CTRL+E on startup. Assign an IP address and turn it on, set a password.

From all I can tell, the IP address should be different than that of the interface. Although I saw a note in a Dell BMC document that I’ve since closed that some ports like 623 can get all eaten up by the BMC. Telneting to port 623 still doesn’t work for me, maybe that’s just a feature with newer BMCs or with console redirection turned on. ipmitool traffic is traveling on 623 UDP.

Then install ipmitool (‘apt-get install ipmitool’ if you’re elite) and run something like:
ipmitool -H ipaddress -U root -P password power status

You may also be able to configure this all from the command line by loading the drivers and interacting directly:
sudo modprobe ipmi_si
sudo modprobe ipmi_devintf
sudo ipmitool lan print

1 thought on “Configuring IPMI/BMC on a Dell SC1425

  1. szabi

    Thanks for this description.

    The following command doesn’t consider the P argument at me, so for security reason don’t enter the -P password tags:

    ipmitool -H ipaddress -U root -P password power status

    In amy case you wil be prompted for password.

    At me is an error message at: sudo ipmitool lan print
    FATAL: module lan not found


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