Wrangling RT CommandByMail Error Messages

Request-tracker is more useful with the CommandByMail extension because you can interact with tickets in less steps. It likes to parse everything in the form ‘word: word’ as a command though, so ‘http://somewhere’ causes an error email to be generated.

When dealing with people that are emailing RT for support, you’re already usually dealing with a fairly non tech save crowd, who can be confused by the error message. I modified TakeAction.pm as such:

diff TakeAction.pm.orig TakeAction.pm
<     my $ErrorsTo = RT::Interface::Email::ParseErrorsToAddressFromHead( $args{'Message'}->head );
>     my $ErrorsTo = '';
>     if ( defined( $RT::ErrorEmailAddress ) ) {
>       $ErrorsTo = $RT::ErrorEmailAddress;
>     } else {
>       $ErrorsTo = RT::Interface::Email::ParseErrorsToAddressFromHead( $args{'Message'}->head );
>     }

Then add a line below to your RT_SiteConfig.pm and restart

Set($ErrorEmailAddress, 'noc@example.com');

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