Moar unofficial chef

Well a couple people used the 0.7.16wt1 release, including Thom May who had issues with that version number. Consequently I took out the ‘wt’ from the version, but this is still an unofficial, unsupported release.

I pulled in the changes on Thom’s internal branch and grabbed some more low hanging fruit. Don’t ask what methodology I used. It’s magic.

Grab the github branch, or the debs in my launchpad ppa. I’ve only tested this on Ubuntu Karmic, as it goes.

** Bug
* [CHEF-454] – Centos4 yum provider failure
* [CHEF-616] – rake install in chef-repo breaks if there is no git origin
* [CHEF-637] – duplicate copies of FileEdit: file_edit.rb & fileedit.rb
* [CHEF-639] – git resource fails on subsequent checkouts of the same repostiry
* [CHEF-642] – Services will always issue a WARN when status is not present
* [CHEF-684] – Should be possible for roles to be created without anything in the run_list
* [CHEF-704] – Ruby block device does not have a default action
* [CHEF-722] – Link provider doesn’t understand paths requiring expansion
* [CHEF-843] – FileEdit permission issues

** Improvement
* [CHEF-598] – Upstart service provider
* [CHEF-617] – Install to chef repository on a remote machine
* [CHEF-709] – Support for backup up files in another directory than the original file
* [CHEF-752] – No way to pass parameters to useradd provider

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