Chilly Saturday

I heard Maria talking on the telephone about it almost being Spring. It’s surprisingly cold here today, about 42 according to our back window thermometer, sitting trying to be usefull until the we’re off on another road trip, really needing it to decide how late to stay in the sleeping bag.

Maria had the flu this week, which made it really hectic. She had a fever Monday and Tuesday and could start really moving around again by Wednesday. We started cooking meals for one of her coworkers this week so Maria can try some more experimental recipies on someone with a more discerning palate than mine, so that kept things hectic as well!

I took two minutes to open up the case of my SFF box today, the fan on the new video card (since the cola lan accident) seems to not enjoy collecting dust. I guess I need to take care of that more often, but the pile of dishes in the kitchen that have been there all week cry for attention. Really working and commuting takes up so much time now. I’m up by 6, get to work between 7 and 8, and don’t get home until 4 on short days (or 8, on long days) and then stare at the pile of dishes and the litter box. This week, there’s been a lot of just going to bed.

We got up early this morning because I wanted to pop into the office to make sure the labs were going to be ready for a class today. Afterwards we went over to Globe for the first time in a while and picked up way too much food, as usual, but brought home a nice box of home fries to pick at over the next few days. With so much cooking recently, the fridge is full of leftovers. It’s the first time I’ve made lasanga that hasn’t dissapeared within three days.

We’re planning on going to the anti-war march today at 1pm, but it’s so cold and we’re so worn out we’ll see how far we get. I really need to get more exercise, I haven’t been for a few weeks and I can feel the fatigue building up again. It’s really weird feeling the motiviation changes that come with getting enough exercise. I’ve been really dismal this week and I’m sure it’s just because I’ve been sleeping too much. Chicken or the egg and all that.

I haven’t gotten any material up on the blog yet. I was thinking about doing it this weekend if I had time, but I actually ended up getting my boss, Mitch, to rant in front of one of the cameras we use for recording classes so I can transcribe an interview to the company blog, because he has so little time to sit down and write something up. He was in the office this week, and this morning when Maria and I stopped in this morning. We chatted about everything, but it’s been interesting mostly talking about health and nutrition. I picked up a copy of the food revolution for him recently, after he kept asking me how to solve world hunger. He was moved by the factual information. It’s fueled a bit of conversation since, as he and his wife have been been vegan for a week or two now.

Anyways, I’ve gotten distracted by conversations, how strange, familiar feelings from years past? Enjoy the third anniversary of the invasion.

3 thoughts on “Chilly Saturday

  1. maddocks

    Wow. You seem like a far cry from the anti-social establishment defiant BTM I once met looking for a tech support job at a little whole in the wall isp. The changes we have both made towards americana seem to be in at least partly due to our women (yeah we own them HA!)Sometimes I wonder if its better this way or not. I dunno seemes like I have more money and a higher status in the society. (ive done a lote for the Elks lodge lately yeah I’m an elk)But some days I pine for the care free fuck all days of my youth. I guess I’m rambling but still holy fuck have we changed. Drop a line sometime I love hearing from ya. Take care tell Mariah I’m waiting for the day she’s single,, dog damn it I’m hilarious. You might want to explain my sense of humor to her if she gets offended sometime. I would hate to see a repeat of Abner.
    ps the dog was on purpose

  2. btm

    Sitting here wearing my amry jacket with upside down american flag, somehow I think I’m still establishment defiant. Surely more so then ever actually, certainly motivated by Maria in large parts. I can only wonder what next year will bring, with as far as things have gone over the last year.

    Glad you’re experiencing progress though! That is what it is, right? I actually talked to Abner today. He’s taking his A+ certifications, hoping for a better career and all that, but sounded like good old abner, so that’s pleasing.

    ps. Still no dog.

  3. maddocks

    Yeah I always loved Ab but the ability to laugh at the non laughable is a must in this world. Krystal definately has had an impact on me, I dont smoke, I havent drank in a year (Tho she’s outa town tonight and me and the boys are going to get shitty). I dont know and if I dont who does. Anyway look forward to seeing you again maybe we can go completely balls to the wall crazy about once a year to let the “DEMONS” out. Tell me the truth you must miss tacos I mean comon there great wake up in cold sweats with the taste of beef cheese and soft shell on your lips. Yeah I know, if you need to we can talk about it;)

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