Eating out

Pretty busy week. We ate at Mashiko in West Seattle this week on the recomendation of Mitch. Pretty good vegan options, the best sushi options I think we’ve seen so far. We went back to the indian restaurant in Bellevue across from Strategy the other night, we haven’t been there for a while. I think it’s called the Taj Palace or something, the owner is super nice. Last night we went out for sushi somewhere on 45th with friends. Had something there called a Bento Box which was really impressive. I think it was Kozue. Tonight we went out to the new Teapot location up the street on 15th. The new location is nice, but somehow we managed to find the same loud atmosphere I’ve been hating for a week. Just lots of loud people out lately I guess.

We’re going hiking with friends tomorrow, I’m looking forward to that a great deal. Maybe we’ll get to go by Pig’s Peace too.

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