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Do we see a trend? Nah, just a lazy weekend. We saw “Thank you for smoking” in the theater. I had heard about this on NPR and really wanted to catch it. It was funny straight through, totally worth it. We saw “Pride and Prejudice” too, which we both also really enjoyed. We watch “Walk the Line” the movie about Johnny Cash. This was okay, seemed like it wasn’t really written that well, not really worth it even though I’m a poor fan. I watched “The Chronicles of Naria” the other night, and enjoyed that quite a bit. We saw “The Island” a week or so ago, that was an okay action movie, but a little flawed and I was dissapointed Steve Buscemi had to die so early on. Abner mentioned catching “V for Vendetta” in the theater, but we haven’t made it yet. So that’s still a plan. We’ve got an awesome array of theaters in Seattle. The Egyptian down the road likes to play old classics at midnight. We haven’t caught one yet, although we saw “Brokeback Mountain” and “Capote” there a while back. Capote was great, Brokeback not so much. But they play “Army of Darkness” and stuff there late at night, every time the title changes I’m wowed by how fortunate we are.

We went to Mashiko’s again. It turns out a bit of their menu is “typo’d” where items are marked as vegan. The Veggie Bento box is marked vegan, which contains vegetable tempura, but their vegetable tempura isn’t marked vegan. It turns out the veggie bento box is vegan, less the tempura, which is kind of a rip off. Also their house soup has two broths, and different fixings. The vege and tofu option is marked vegan, but the curry broth has chicken and the original broth, which I think is the same base as their unvegan miso, has skipjack flakes or something in it. Another “typo”. Dissapointing. But the vegan sushi options are still wonderfull.

We tracked down the Whole Foods Market in Bellevue tonight in search of dessert. We were going to get cinnamin sticks at Pizza Pi but they keep strange hours. Apparently they’re closed every monday, as well as the first and third sundays of the month. Anyways, the prepared foods at Whole Foods were a wonderfull selection, although all we picked up were some great cookies.

2 thoughts on “Movies and food

  1. Hodi

    I am glad you are doing well. I actually had vegan Japanese food for the first time a couple weeks ago, i really liked it, and the place is only 5 minutes from our apartment. It was nice trying something new. Anyways, I wanted to say happy birthday before I forget, and we miss you and hopefully next time you visit we can catch up. I made myslef a login because it seems the only way to get ahold of you. But anyways, keep in touch.

  2. btm

    Where’d you eat? Ah yes, birthday! Am I old yet? heh. I’m going to be grey when I’m thirty with how often and how much I stress myself out. Anyways, I got a vegan cake from Flying Apron at work and it didn’t suck, which is good for Flying Apron whose goods are generally dry.

    I do read my email at work daily, but don’t always have the time to reply. Every week or so I dig through my loftninjas email and tug back on a few lines.

    What are you up to? Tell Dave the ice cream’s cold even on the west coast.

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