Is it that time of the year again?


Maria and I went out with Betsie and Allan to eat and watch Allan’s brother’s band play at an Irish Pub named the Dubliner in Fremont last night. Beforehand we ate at a Thai restaurant just up the road that was pretty good, I think, and had great service all around, as well as some vegan fare.

We bought Maria a bike on Ebay recently, we’re planning on taking a road trip down to Salem today to pick it up. My father had Bar Harbor Bike in Ellsworth ship my bike out here for my birthday, so I’m excited about that. It’s strangely one of the only things I can remember being excited about in a while.

I’ve been stupid busy at work, because I’m teaching a lot right now. So my other responsibilities seem to get to suffer and I feel like there isn’t enough time kicking around for that sleep bit.

Mostly I’ve been thinking about where I fit into the world. Considering the different social groups I’ve touched or I’m in here, and what I’m coming from, there’s quite a variety. They all clash, fairly strongly I think in the long run, and I realize my beliefs aren’t strong enough to anchor me down to the ground in one, as I keep floating around. Whoa, vague loftpost! See, things don’t change. It’s just, am I open to anything, or do I just don’t care? I don’t feel like I care anymore, if I ever did. Does that put me in a bubble that I should just enjoy and not flex? Or does the mere acknowledgement of that give me a path to the next level?

Computer. Door.

8 thoughts on “Is it that time of the year again?

  1. Adrian

    Seems like you are as busy as usual, speaking of biking, I just got mine out a couple of weeks ago. Its been at least 3 or 4 years since I last rode it, but I have found I still enjoy riding around. Yesterday, out of boredome, I went to Bar Harbor. I walked around for about an hour, most of the stores are open, but there isn’t much going on yet. After I got home I decided it was a waste of time, but I needed to get out of the house anyways. It must be a lot different atmosphere in Seattle than it is here. I hope you are enjoying living out there. By the way, what happened to your hardcore meat eating stance Bryan? But I guess women can have that effect. I look forward to your next post, until then get some sleep.

  2. btm

    There are these super pigs up at pigs peace. If you throw them carrots, they eat them. Then they come over and rub against your legs and act all friendly. Then they oink until you scratch their stomachs.

    It’s cute.

    Oh and, moving out of the loft I realized I had to take some responsibility for my actions and started being held accountable for them by the people around me.

    But pigs are cute.

  3. Adrian

    Ok, so that might take baccon off the list but steak, chicken, and beef are still left. Don’t tell me you would go to your father’s for supper and be able to turn down his steak dinner. I know you couldn’t because your dad’s steak dinner is the pwn.

    I still live with my parents :(. I would probably move out right away if I could make enough money to do so, but between my car insurance, college loan, and my car loan, it just isn’t possible to do on my own. Even if I move into an apartment with one or more people, I would still have to work two jobs just to make it by. I really want to move out, but at the same time getting broken in is going to be quite a pain as I will pretty much be moving into uncharted waters.

    Speaking of water, it has been raining here for about a week, which made me think of Seattle. Its suppost to rain for at least another week on and off, has the weather been any better where you are? I’m ready for some sunnier weather so I can do some more biking.

    If you studied your Floyd properly, you’d know that pigs can fly.

  4. maddocks

    ” what happened to your hardcore meat eating stance Bryan? But I guess women can have that effect.” was replied with “I realized I had to take some responsibility for my actions and started being held accountable for them by the people around me.” I’m not judging but that doesnt make anysense. And to think I came here to say Chris Ross released his cd and its actually really good.But the meat thing intrigues me especially since its taking responsibility for your actions and being held accountable by the people around you. Yeah I put it my post twice. So its not its cruel to the animals but more like its considered immoral by those around me. Hey man I dont even smoke pot anymore, so I know all about it. Fuck I even clean. But cigarettes meat and a foul mouth will never change …unless a really hit girl tells me to, oh how sad am I ruled by my penis.I think I’m gonna go gay oh that would be great!Actually he would probly

  5. btm

    The challange of being both a sarcastic ass for entertainment’s value and still making a positive impact.

    I think it has something to do with being sober too. There’s nobody out here to drink a case of Milwaukee’s Beast Ice every night with.

  6. maddocks

    BTM I Love you! And thats not sarcastic.I wasnt being sarcastic when I said my girl practicly rules my life either, tho I wish I was. Being sober isnt bad , I’ve experiemented with it a couple of times:)But anyway I love you, and when I turn gay we will drink lots of beast together. (note the sarcasim) because I dont drink beer. Rereading my original post it seems angry and mean tho it wasnt supposed to. Maybe I’ll stick with the I Love you’s. I havent touched a drop of booze in over a year , pot in over 7 months but worst of all Beos in 6 MONTHS!! How sad:( Did I mention I love you?

  7. btm

    It came to my attention that I said “… take some responsibility for my actions and started being held accountable for them by the people around me.” when I meant to say “.. to the people around me.”

    Not that it really matters at this point. Sarcasm aside, I believe in my choices.

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