SWN – Hack Night

Caught a post on Matt Westervelt’s blog that appears to be replaced now regarding the Seattle Wireless hacknight now normally at 5pm I believe at Cafe Vita down the street actually at a park near by. I drove down to check it out in case I missed everyone, as blogs are, normally, so, you know, old. Like mine. Since I don’t post. But happened to find a whole group of geeks on “teletubby hill” just hanging out with a stack of hardware, talking mostly since there wasn’t any power. Everyone was really friendly and I hung around and chatted with a side group for a while and then went down town to eat with those left over after the meeting started to disperse. Great, inviting group of people, I’ll definately plan on regularly making the meetings.

Check out the planet for the combined blogs.

Maddocks is sending me a new laptop hard drive for my dead one soon, on the condition I promise to play with BeOS, so I’ll have a toy again shortly. I’ve setup what used to be LT or LT2, I don’t recall anymore, in my bedroom but haven’t taken the time to install an OS, and still need to bridge it out to the wireless in the living room since I can’t easily get a cable anywhere in this old building. Hardware costs money.

2 thoughts on “SWN – Hack Night

  1. maddocks

    But I’m willing for you!!! The hdd is on the way with Phos 6b. Yeah Only true Be Fanactics have even heard of that let alone unleashed the power to an unsuspecting laptop. Good talk about dvr and windows last night I greatly enjoyed it! Soekris I have to check out for a project I’m working on,, hopefully it has instant on capabilities should know shortly. Talk to you soon.

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