TRON @ The Egyptian

Tron is playing at the egyptian this weekend at the midnight showing. A bunch of people from work are going with me tonight. Craig and Maria should be there too. I saw elsewhere on the net a bunch of people planning on attending. I wonder how early we should show? I’m excited though.

2 thoughts on “TRON @ The Egyptian

  1. maddocks

    I remember watching tron and playing on computers before I was masturbating. Man masturbating is almost as fun to say as viscosity or purple taco. I found some 400mw mini pci wireless cards match those up in a small form factor with 3 nics and a powerfull kickass router is born. I think I smell a business venture growing , BTM you down? Which OS should run our maddog router you say? Well obviously we shouldnt ignore BeOS or even BeIA. Yeah I’m joking or am I? Call me the second you get PhOS and you might wanna download the Zeta 1.1 live cd, I’ll post a link in a little while. Tell Maria I love her and if she doesnt keep you safe I’ll have my vengence!

  2. maddocks its not in english but its straight forward. All text in Zeta is localized so all programs written correctly can be used in any language. Did I mention PhOS is multi-user? More like 98 multi-user not linux, but its a start I here zeta 1.2 is multi-user , posix compatable, and well bad as fuck!! The day it goes on sale I will have a copy and so will you!Doas your laptop have any open ram slots? or is it running under 200mb? I have ram for pc-100 pc-133 ddr-266 ddr-366 all in so-dimm form factor. What video card does your laptop have? NIC? Any other hardware you use on it?

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