no geek lofts in seattle?

I’m sitting here posting on… wonder if the concept of a geek loft isn’t as wide spread as I once thought. Did this exist outside of hancock, maine? aren’t there industrial lofts full of geeks out there anywhere? I mean, there’s plenty of lofts full of artists apparently, but who hasn’t realized that putting 10 computers on a row on desks in a loft is not only geek, but plain damn cool? seriously. I must inquire further about this, as it must just be that there are secret societies I am unaware of being new to the city.

Tron was awesome by the way, except for the dumb fuck yelling “ayeyeyeye” every ten minutes. They’re playing it again tonight in case anyone missed it.

<btm> so what’s going on tonight in 206 that’s exciting?
<fR> i think all the excitement was last night

So there.

People from maine are playing video games tonight, I don’t know if I feel like going home, trying to clean up my gaming computer turned everything else and trying to get a tunnel going. What I really want is a Metrix Mark II right now. I’ve got projects here at the school that need doing though.

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