WRT54G’s Suck.

Yes. I hate the wrt54g. I bought the damn thing because it runs linux, thinking a hacked firmware would be cool to play with some day. Of course, at the time, I wasn’t really playing with computers. Time goes by, and my wrt54g v2 locks up all the time. It sucks, Eric agrees and has been pushing me to try to get some Soekris 4501 or newer model. I’d love to. And get a wireless model. And one of the ones with three network interfaces to try to implement a QoS solution at work. I installed dd-wrt on the wrt54g, and that didn’t help for shit. It’s still locking up. Linksys does suck.

However, I really need to pay attention to finding a new place to live. I’ve found a couple industrial loft leads, but I think I’m just going to have to grab a room somewhere. Anyone want to house a geek for a couple months? I was thinking taking a floor in a telco hotel and converting it to geek apartments would be the fucking coolest thing ever, but alas, I’m sure there’s business reasons not to and it’s not like I have the money. On the positive side of things:

[00:44] <topher> hey btm, if you find a warehouse that we can rent/renovate and sublet, im up for leasing the whole thing

So that’d be perfect if it could be pulled off. I don’t know how one finds warehouses around here though. Aparently it’s hard. It’d be great to have the concept of the loft on the mature/technically progressive level it was always meant to be. But, pipe dreams probably.

Maddocks sent me a new hdd for my laptop that I haven’t been able to use for something like six months now. It’s a PIII/633 or something, which seems incredibly fast to me but only underlines how severly disconnected I am from reality.

Oh and, “Over the Hedge” is funny. And the starter solenoid in the suburban is acting up again. *sigh*.

3 thoughts on “WRT54G’s Suck.

  1. maddocks

    Well maybe. Ver. 1 – 4 rocked I have a v2 at work never misses a beat unless I rocket the gain above %65, especially in g mode I think we talked about why and you didnt believe me:) Anyway V5 doesnt run linux it has half the ram and half the storage capacity so hacked FW dont have any options. I use wifi-box it was the most reliable one I could find.It cracks me up you have made fun of me for using my wrt54g but truth be known you cant make yours work HAHA!! Oh shit I’m funny. Anywho you probly have a hardware issue or bumped the power in g mode. Even “Frank” the horrendous firewall has been replaced with a wrt54g with multiple ip tables etc. I do agree tho sbc’s are the way to go especially since the advent of 400mw mini-pci cards whooha. Keep your head up my wrt54g V5 has to be unplugged everyday! sometimes twice a day. V2 was good tho.

  2. Vanilla Gorilla

    My WRT54G is version 2 and I haven’t had to reboot it for hours. I run DD-WRT. I definately think the WRT54g series have cooling problems. After a few hours they get pretty hot. I added thermal tape and some heatsinks to mine, it seems to help the cooling issue. As far as your starter solonoid I would do some resistence checks on your

  3. Vanilla Gorilla

    haha oops heh I am blogger n00b. Anyway.. I would do resistence and amperage checks and check your grounds on your key switch, since it usually somehow runs the solenoid which should be in the starter. Chevys usually have the solenoid in the starter unit. You should hear a click when you turn the key, this is the solenoid engaging power to the starter unit. Good luck.

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