Spent the day at ITEC in Seattle. I saw a couple people there, one from Seattle Wireless. It was dead slow, it seemed like there were more exhibitors than antendees, and many of the antendees I saw were actually my vendors there just for networking. Kind of a waste of time, but Mark and I gave a presentation on the IT industry and on staying up to date by working on projects, joining user groups, attending classes, etc. Maybe we’ll get a couple customers from it, but the presentation had probably as many people in it as had stopped by the booth all day, so it was better than expected. My random public speaking is getting better, certainly teaching classes has helped that, since it might as well have been a class. Except that I was talking about what I thought, more than how I’ve seen things work. I guess they’re pretty close.

I’m sitting here drinking a beer trying to decide if I should goto hack night. Eric said nobody’s really showing, and since “nobody really showed” last time either, I think my tiredness and continuing cold is going to aim me towards the couch and a movie instead. Come by ITEC tomorrow and make things interesting.

3 thoughts on “ITEC

  1. maddocks

    yeah so last month a ham radio operator came in and said “So your giving a wireless networking presentation tonight!” I am huh. Well I wish somebody had told me. Then I find out they have been plannig it for months!! Just nobody told me. So considering I had 45min to prepare I didnt bother. Anyway I did relativly good I figured these guys where technicall so I could skip the BS this is what a cat5e cable looks like. I gave my speal looked back at the end and one person in the crowd said “What did you say” the place went in to un uproar and I sat down. Yeah thats my story. Hope it makes you feel better.

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