Almost DSL

I ordered Speakeasy’s dsl online earlier this week, which was a neat process. There was no online form, but I chatted with someone online through their website to complete the process.

Qwest was here today to setup the pair. They came by before I was home but had to come back. Originally there was a little trouble finding the strange demarc hidden in the basement, but then the other end of underground drop cable had to be found, as the address for this interconnect was afoul.

All went well though, and they just tested it. It was interesting hearing the coversation, as the technican called another, who conferenced with Covad’s testing center (not sure why they were involved) in India who did the line test. The tech and I were rather amused by the whole process, but I’m sure he deals with it every day.

However, I just checked the UPS tracking for my install kit, and 3 day select has been rescheduled so that I’m supposed to get the package 6 days after shipment. It left georgia on the 20th and it’s only made it to iowa as of this morning. It was probably supposed to be on a plane and ended up on a truck. We’ll see when it gets here and what Speakeasy has to say about it.

I’m going to go back to the couch and focus my attention on getting unsick in the interim though.

7 thoughts on “Almost DSL

  1. rblenkhorn

    You should try to get GWI .. lol .. its like 4 weeks from time to order till setup.. I find that kinda crazy being in Bangor, but they have an indep contractor that takes there sweet assed time..

  2. btm

    There’s no comparison between Bangor and Seattle. Seattle is just undeniably cooler. Sometime soon I’ll make a pro and con list, but basically,

    Seattle Pro

    Bangor Pro
    Near my family

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