Hack Night / Primus / Blood Squad

Hack night was hardcore last night as all feared the THE BLIZARD OF 2K6 (Or aught-six, as we’re planning on calling it when we’re old and crotchety.) The snow was actually pretty nice though and we shot the shit about a number of projects while enjoying the new line of beverages available with the move to online coffee.

I’ll be going to Primus tonight at the paramount and I’ve got an extra ticket if anyone’s interested. It was sold out but it looks like there’s a fresh batch of GA tickets released on ticketmaster today.

Blood Squad, an improv/sketch group that performs horror movies while you wait, are playing friday and saturday at 11pm at the odd duck studio at 1214 10th Ave (In the Madison / Pike / Broadway triangle). It’s 21+ show (grand illusion was byob) and when I saw them at the Grand Illusion they were awesome. It’s $7 with the password “Santa’s Balls”.

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