text not appearing in ocsng login screen when using firefox

A while back I upgraded my inventory server to apache2/php5 and at some point OCSNG stopped showing the text labels on the login screen and buttons. I assumed it was an issue with the upgrade, which it may well have been caused by indirectly.

Recently ocsng announced OCS Packager, a more reasonable windows agent service packaging utility. I want to build this into the desktop deployment system and I’ve got a deadline coming up on some machines so I came back to dealing with this issue. First, I reinstalled OCSNG but still saw the same issue. I poked around a bit in the apache configs thinking there may be some disconnect when it came to translations but wasn’t sure what I was looking for.

Eventually I tried the site from IE on Server 2003 and it worked fine. Assuming theres an issue with the user agent being passed by firefox, I installed tshark and started comparing the http GETs but they’re pretty hefty. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of comments in the code and if there where, they’d probably be in French or such. I’ve spent enough time trying to figure it out, so I’m giving up and working around it instead.

Pushing the language appears to work, and I believe it gets saved in the session, it definitely gets saved to the cookie. Use: http://server/ocsreports/?lang=english in your browser and links.

I’ve opened bug 1748676 against OCSNG.

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