‘open all in tabs’ replaces / closes tabs in firefox

I keep sites grouped in the toolbar in FF and occasionally make the mistake of trying to use ‘open all in tabs’. This closes / replaces what I have open. I’m not sure exactly, there’s a lot of discussion about what it does do and what it should do. There’s a ton of discussion in bug 175124 and bug 258224 about what it should do. If you always remember to middle click on the folder, that works well enough for me. To change the action of open all in tabs however, which you can’t middle click on, change browser.tabs.loadFolderAndReplace to false in about:config (there’s no option in preferences afaik).

7 thoughts on “‘open all in tabs’ replaces / closes tabs in firefox

  1. Laur

    Thanks man, you’re a life saver. I’ve been looking for this for a while now… New machine, new Firefox, new profile, you know how it is. I’m writing this sucker down 🙂

  2. Dom Delimar

    I thought it was a design flaw in Firefox – but it’s just a wrong preference instead.
    And an unbelievable flaw – why would you expect all your existing tabs to close when you open several new tabs from bookmarks?

    Anyway, thank you for this information.

  3. btm


    Theres some recent talk about this in bugzilla bug 373825. I believe this is where I had researched it. Sounds like the motives for things working this way is not wanting more error dialog popups.

  4. ade

    I find this as staggering as others, I would have thought the logical default was to preserve existing tabs but you have to remember to middle click or tough luck! absolutely amazing thinking!!!!!

    What happens if you have a macbook, how do you do a middle click using the trackpad?

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