my book world dropping off the network

A bit ago I posted about getting a Western Digital My Book World WDG2NC10000 1TB box. I had it drop off the network a couple times and stopped trying to move data over to it en mass until I could resolve the problems. After digging through one of those crappy knowledge bases (when will people learn what a wiki is?) I found this: “If there is heavy I/O load put on the network and WD My Book World Edition hard drive, it is recommended that a static IP address be used rather than DHCP.” with no explanation.

I switched to a static IP and I’v moved 50gb or so now without it dropping off the network onces, whereas before it’d drop somewhere around 10gb or so. Working much better now.

3 thoughts on “my book world dropping off the network

  1. btm

    it’s pretty quiet. i definitely can’t hear it in my bedroom, but i have machines in my bedroom too. So it’s quieter than a box. I think it’d be okay in a main room for sure, probably fine in a gear-less bedroom as well. Westervelt has one at home too now, maybe he’s listened to it in an unspoiled environment.

  2. mattw

    Mine is perched on a huge UPS in a room with a caseless box and a noisy switch. I don’t think it’s added to the noise floor much, but it’s hard to tell. I don’t think I’d put it in a bedroom. The blue lights are a little bright for me.

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