New SA job at WideMile

Starting today at a new job at WideMile, a Seattle startup (someone not from Seattle might not realize that 5-10 years is still often “startup”) that makes web software and systems to make other companies web sites not suck. Which is noble AND cool.

Of course, it’s more complex, and I don’t REALLY know what it does, but that’s okay. Today I’m building myself a chair and a desktop. So yeah. Startup. The data center is here, big time, high bandwidth, but has grown naturally. So I’ve been there, let’s call Haydrian a dry run for this. Should prove to me more entertaining.

Anyways, goodtimes. Glad to be back to work and be producing something, even if it is just a chair. I’m in downtown now too, so we’ll see how that works out, but any lunch suggestions would be grand.

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