and firefox. a better way to bookmark

I used to bookmark daily sites in a firebox folder just right click, open in tabs to get all my daily sites. I’ve mentioned previously that ones needs to take an additional step (setting ‘browser.tabs.loadFolderAndReplace’ to false as it oddly is set to true) to prevent firefox from mangling your existing tabs, essential for tab heavy people like me. On that note I’d also recommend using the Tab Mix Plus plugin. I turn on “Multirow” which much better supports over ten tabs or so than firefox, and use it’s session restore feature over firefox’s, turning on “ask on startup” so whenever I restart instead of crash, I can still get my old sessions back (tabs!).

Having started a new job, among other things, I’ve had to create these same folders too many times. I’ve just started using today and I’ve installed the full bookmarks plugin which is importantly different than the buttons plugin as it gives you sidebar and top bar access to your (online!) plugins in realtime. Alas, I installed that first, and the bookmarks plugin detected the buttons plugin and disabled it, as it has some of the same buttons and operates in the way I wanted.

I’ve only got this set up on my current work desktop, but when I get home I’ll migrate my bookmarks over and I think I’ll be quite happy. I’m certainly down with the UI so far. Of course, is designed to be pretty “public” and others can see your bookmarks. I guess you can mark certain bookmarks as private, such as your pron or whatnot, but I’m a public kind of guy so I’m not worried about it.

It took me far too long to realize that right clicking on the toolbars gave me the option to uncheck the built in bookmark toolbar and make it go away. I probably wouldn’t use this at home as I use RSS bookmarks to track certain wiki’s and planets, but at work I currently have a crappy monitor and needed the real estate. Looks like I can put rss feeds in and they work as expected though.

2 thoughts on “ and firefox. a better way to bookmark

  1. craSH

    Yeah I’ve been using the toolbar for a while as a bookmark replacement, totally rocks just having it on the main computer and the laptop for bookmark portability.

    PS the download link this other commenter posted is totally sweet. I’m pretty sure it’s a super version of firefox, super secure and fast and preloaded with the best pr0nz.

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