Hiding from jobs?

Wow. Contrary to what some past coworkers feel, I like recruiters in general. Except those Corp to Corp ones that consistently want to hire me for random Microsoft jobs that often have nothing to do with my skill set at $28.something an hour.

That you all want me for different jobs for the same rate makes me feel like this is a huge scam and you’re the ones making bank off it. Weren’t pyramid schemes illegal? Even small ones?

After I started at Widemile I was still getting calls/emails daily from random bulk recruiters from all over the country(!) for jobs all over the place. The vast majority of this is noise as it’s crappy jobs with recruiters taking a huge cut via this corp to corp bullshit that totally doesn’t give me piece of mind that a company appreciates me as an employee.

So I updated my resume on monster to show that I was now employed. Then someone I had emailed telling them I was all set emailed me back and was all “I saw you updated your resume! want a job?!”. No, did you read it? I’m in a job! Stop reading between non-existent lines. I figured this stuff would cool down after a while.

But today my recruiter from my current job calls, worried, saying that they saw my resume on monster. Jeez guys. So I’ve set my monster profile to private. I’m now officially in hiding to reduce the stress.

I’m sure if someone wants to offer me a yacht, a bank, and 10 months vacation to do SA work for them, they aren’t going to be looking for me on monster anyways.

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