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Nice. So I’m running Exchange 2007. Find out exactly what service pack by going into the new EMC (Exchange Management Console) which replaces ESM (Exchange System Manager) I guess. Go to Help, About Exchange Server and grab the version number then check here.

The final RTM build of Exchange 2007 is build 685.25, but in some places it is listed as 685.24.
The RTM version of Exchange 2007 SP1 is build 8.1.0240

Somehow I have 8.0.685.018. Apparently shit is all messed up:

Also, when you click Help, and then click About Exchange Server 2007, you will see a different version number altogether: 685.018

This bit from here is awesome, so so, so awesome.

One of the big disappointments in the Exchange Server 2007 RTM version was the lack of Public Folder management from within the Exchange Management Console (EMC) UI. In Exchange Server 2007 RTM, all Public Folder management has to be done from either the Exchange Management Shell (EMS), which is quite cumbersome to say the least, or from an Exchange 2003/2000 System Manager console on a legacy Exchange server still part of the Exchange organization.

All I wanted to do was hide the email address on a public folder from the address list. But I have no GUI interface to address lists. Thus, I still stand do behind: Do not ever use an MS product before SP1. Sooooo…. Open up the spiffy new Exchange Command Line thingery (the help totally helps)

get-mailpublicfolder publicFolderName | format-list

Format-list actually provides information, while if you don’t use it you just get a list. I know this doesn’t make sense how I describe it and how it reads, but that’s what happens.

Unfortunately it says it’s already hidden from address lists. Annoying, since it’s coming up for me when typing addresses into the address bar in outlook 2007.

It’s worth noting that I checked the setting against another object type (a mailbox) using this:

get-mailbox userNameActuallyMailboxName | format-list

A couple of people asked me about this, so I’m adding what I found here:

Public Folders are included and supported in Exchange Server 2007. Microsoft has communicated that future releases of Exchange Server may not include public folders. If you use Public Folders, read the Exchange Team Blog on the topic of public folders for more guidance.

And it looks like they’re moving to sharepoint eventually:

For all new collaborative application development, we recommend WSS v3 and the new E12 web services as your platform

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