enabling root ssh on your nas

I’m liking NAS boxes more and more. I’ve been annoyed at some NAS gear at work, Infrant ReadyNAS gear, that I’ve been unable to set a permission of “force R/W for everyone”, let alone something more complicated. The web interface has under ‘advanced options’ the ability to reset the permissions but it hasn’t always worked the way I expect it to.

Netgear bought Infrant though, and installing the most recent RAIDiator firmware netgear-itizes everything. Coolest feature though? After you install the latest firmware if you install these two files as firmware: ToggleSSH and EnableRootSSH, you can ssh into the thing as root and poke around. Looks like lots of people have schemes for running databases and crap on it, which seems a little gnarly. I’m happy to be able to go in and get a look at the permissions, samba and winbind configs though.

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