promiscuous mode for intel 3945ABG wireless

A Dell D620 laptop with an Intel 3945ABG card on Windows XP doesn’t work in promiscuous mode for applications that use winpcap like wireshark or ethereal out of the box using the Dell drivers. Using the Intel drivers from here despite kind words saying to use the OEM drivers works fine with wireshark. Just unarchive and run the executable and it updates the existing drivers without a reboot, although you will lose your wireless connection for a moment.

2 thoughts on “promiscuous mode for intel 3945ABG wireless

  1. Lionel

    Hi Bryan

    Can you confirm that promiscuous mode runs well for you with Intel drivers?
    I just installed the drivers, updated winpcap and wireshark, selected “promiscuous” mode in WS, but I only get frames to/from my PC and broadcast traffic…

    Thank you in advance

  2. btm

    Yeah, it did work!

    Unfortunately the laptop isn’t here so I can’t give your driver version numbers, but just installing the intel drivers was all I needed for it to start working.

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