fixing public folder permissions in exchange 2007 sp1

Even with Exchange 2007 SP1, which adds the Public Folder Management Console to the Exchange Management Console (EMC) under toolbox, you’re still being forced to learn the Exchange Management Shell (EMS) for many things.

get-PublicFolderClientPermission -identity “\folder” | fl

Remember | fl is for “format-list” which makes the output readable. What’s neat is you’d expect the pipe to take information that you’d see if you weren’t piping the output, and put it in a different format. The damn option is even called FORMAT-list. Alas, sometimes fl gives you more information than you would have gotten otherwise, so I always use it.

add-publicfolderclientpermission -identity “\folder” -User userorgroup -accessrights owner

There’s a good list of accessrights here.

Also, apparently MS is giving their tech writers drugs now. Read this to de-stress after dealing with these shenanigans. Just remember:

Public folders do not talk. Any conversations between public folders and a real person occurred solely in the mind of the writer. And according to her, that’s the only voice she’s been hearing lately.

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