The referenced account is currently locked out and may not be logged on to.

I got this error while trying to use an admin share (c$) via CIFS on office XP desktop that’s in the company domain from my XP laptop that isn’t. I built my office desktop and correctly suspected that the original admin account had the same name as my user account on the laptop. The password on this account didn’t meet domain password requirements and was locked out. Even after setting a password that did meet the requirements and unlocking the account, it kept getting re-locked out every time I tried to connect to the desktop.

At older, crazy security driven companies, I would have blamed someone setting the failed passwords required to lock out an account too low. This practice is horrible because you always have someone say “10 times is obviously a hacker!” that don’t take into account all the microsoft software that secretly caches your passwords and tries to auto log you in to stuff with your password rather than kerberos credentials.

I ended up just renaming the account on the desktop, and then the laptop got a password prompt that I could enter my domain credentials into.

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