Adding RT Command by mail extensions on debian

Have: Debian box running request-tracker3.6, installed via apt. Notes for LDAP and that squirrely Display.html bug.

1) Download RT-Extension-CommandByMail

2) unpack, compile, install:

tar -xvzf RT-Extension-CommandByMail-0.05.tar.gz
cd RT-Extension-CommandByMail-0.05
perl Makefile.PL
sudo make install

when asked for the location of it is ‘/usr/share/request-tracker3.6/lib/’

3) add: ‘@MailPlugins = qw(Auth::MailFrom Filter::TakeAction);’ to the end of ‘/etc/request-tracker3.6/’ (before ‘1;’)

4) restart the webserver: ‘/etc/init.d/apache2 restart’

5) review the list of commands.

6) send an email and try it out (subject: ‘[$rtname #ticketnumber]’, rtname is set in and put a command on the first line of the email

You’ll have whatever permissions your email account has. So that’s a spoofable security concern, but whatever.

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