copying a disk with lvm

I dug this out of the LVM HOWTO. I had an Ubuntu linux install on an IDE disk and I was moving this install to a newer SATA only box. I got both the disks running in the old computer and booted up on System Rescue CD. I copied my boot partition using gparted, then ran:

pvcreate /dev/newdiskpartition
vgextend oldvolumegroup /dev/newdiskpartition
pvmove /dev/olddiskpartition /dev/newdiskpartition
vgreduce oldvolumegroup /dev/olddiskpartition

I’d recommend thinking about all of this carefully before hitting enter. It took an hour or two to move 80GB of physical extents from IDE to SATA. Since I’m running ubuntu, I also mounted the new partition as /mnt, and ran ‘chroot /mnt /bin/bash’ then mounted the boot partition in /boot. I ran grub-install, updated /boot/menu.lst, and updated the UUID’s in /etc/fstab.

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