Short ATI Config for Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10)

I don’t know why this was so hard. Lots of hacks out there for getting dual head working on an ATI Radeon. This is an X1300.

I started up and Ubuntu detected that there was a Radeon installed and the restricted drivers manager wanted to install the fglrx (ati) drivers. I did this and rebooted, then ran this command with a fairly clean xorg.conf:

aticonfig –initial=dual-head –dtop=horizontal

3 thoughts on “Short ATI Config for Ubuntu Gutsy (7.10)

  1. btm Post author

    Recently when installing some updates on ubuntu hardy, graphics got real slow, it looked like compiz enabled itself, and I was seeing some visual distortion. ‘fglrxinfo’ was reporting then OpenGL vendor as Mesa not ATI, and I found the answer here. Running ‘sudo apt-get remove xserver-xgl’ returned life to normal.

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