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I’ve been trying to deal with a linux appliance’s memory problems for a while, here, and here. Because Netgear/Infrant’s build system removes binaries post-dpkg, it’s not really a full system and I sort of gave up debugging when I kept running into missing binaries (like strace). Some good people helped out (Thanks Mike Fedyk) but I went and opened a trouble ticket with netgear hoping to get to talk to an actual developer on the thing. They must exist somewhere, I can’t imagine netgear let them all go when they bought infrant or anything.

1) Netgear’s support site is terrible. There is not a ‘, go to the knowledge base. Support is achieved through product registration of all places under online support submissions (6).

2) The Readynas people have a nice forum, and it’s product specific. There’s a blog and everything, which is cool. But my thread stopped getting responses from them last week. No “I don’t know” or anything, just stopped responding to me.

3) So I opened the ticket with Netgear, and they respond with:

The Hardware Compatibility List Memory list/page

It’s the only guideline we have and if it’s not on the list its not supported nor with the scope of support we provide.

You question is already in the best place for an answer. The moderators are will pass all applicable data to the engineering staff as needed.

Totally in response to like, my first post of the thread, somehow ignoring the rest of it. In a hurry, fine.

4) I reply saying there’s a problem with the product and I need escalation. Escalation closes my ticket and responds with:

The forum where are posting is run by our Engineering Team. For your reference, the members of our team use Star Wars (TM) type names. Considering the kind of issue that you are having, you will have to correspond with them, as we at NETGEAR Level 1 and Level 2 Support cannot assist you with this type of issue.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

The implication that I still have patience at this point is nice of them, however totally wrong.

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  1. Daniel Marsh

    I have 4 Readynas NV+ units running in various capacities for my clients and my impressions since the Netgear acquisition have not been favorable. I recently had a unit just up and loose the volume during an upgrade from the 3.x series software to 4.x. Real, non-scripted support for the units on weekends is now non-existent, whereas before the acquisition I had a tech sshing into my unit on a Sunday.

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