running god inside runit

God ignores the TERM signal. Maybe this is a ruby thing? I’m not really going to bother looking. But when trying to run God inside runit, which normally sends a TERM when you tell it to stop a process; this is no good. It looks like God ignores HUP if run as a daemon:

      def run_daemonized
        # trap and ignore SIGHUP
        Signal.trap('HUP') {}

In which case the only way I could find to stop it is with an INT signal. But HUP will kill it when run non-daemonized with the “-D” option. I guess mysql and other daemons do this sorta thing too and I got the idea from this thread. For other processes see this archive of runit scripts for something that works or examples. Anyways, my runit run script for god:

exec 2>&1

trap 'kill -HUP %1' 1 2 13 15

/usr/bin/god -D -c /etc/god/master.god --log-level debug --no-syslog & wait

2 thoughts on “running god inside runit

  1. VitalieL

    I’d like to suggest to use monit, I had bad experience with god, if it run long time, it can take a lot of RAM, I saw one god process that took 600Mb of RAM. This was the sign to get rid of it.

  2. btm Post author


    But the God RubyForge site says god is “Like monit, only awesome”!

    Some consultants/friends have used God in the past, so I’m mostly working off experience here. I don’t have particular favoritism to either myself at this point.

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