fixing OCS 2007 for LM with lcscmd

Live Meeting cannot connect to the meeting.
Wait a few moments, and then try to join the meeting again.
If you still cannot connect, contact your administrator or technical support.

See Microsoft KB #938288.

Lots of ‘lcscmd’ options (in \Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007) require a pool name. I eventually found it with ‘lcscmd /forest /action:checkallpoolsstate’, where I saw a line that said ‘Executing “Check Pool BLAH”‘ where BLAH was my pool name. Even easier, in the MMC applet, the first container under ‘Standard Edition Servers’ is the pool, the one that doesn’t specify the FQDN.

Get on your full server, not the edge server, and from the above directory run:

lcscmd /web /action:clearpoolexternalurls /poolname:POOLNAME
lcscmd /web /action:updatepoolurls / /poolname:POOLNAME

Their example just shows ‘’ as the fqdn. That’s a little sketchy, being a domain name that might point to a web server. There’s little explanation as to which IP address (host) on the edge that should go to. I have the hostname of my web conference edge server there. After running this the clients could connect to live meeting without a restart of OCS (LCS).

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